TGF introduces a new platform dedicated to it's wholesale clients.
Although not advertised as such, TGF has been doing wholesale printing for quite a while now. But in order to simplify the process, and to make our wholesale services more available to anyone in need of large quantities of Giclees, TGF introduces a page dedicated to it's wholesale service.

So, to anyone in need of lots of Giclees, there is no reasons to go to China anymore!

TGF is introducing new photo papers
The new superb photo paper comes in two variants, satin and gloss. They both come in 10 mil thick white, acid free paper for maximum gamut and longevity. Easily framed or laminated, they also look exceedingly good on their own. Available in size up to 48 inches on the small side and, well, up to 100 inches on the longer side, they are sure to make a maximum impact anywhere they are displayed.

TGF is introducing a new, satin canvas.
TGF is introducing a new, satin canvas. Our regular canvas, although not a real hi-gloss canvas, is nevertheless on the glossy side. This new canvas is a real satin canvas. Other than that, it's the same canvas with the same texture the same general characteristics and obviously, the same price. Click here for more details.

TGF is introducing a new stretcher frame
Starting November 10, it will be possible to order your giclees on 1.5” deep stretcher. The 1.5” deep stretcher is an affordable alternative to the thick and heavy duty 1.75”. Just a quarter inch shy of the 1.75”, it is nevertheless up to 20% less expensive than the 1.75” option.

The 1.5” stretcher is a different approach to the deep stretcher option. This stretcher uses a light 0.83” x 1.5” stretcher bar to achieve the deep stretcher look. By comparison, the 1.75” stretcher uses a massive museum grade stretcher bar of 1.6” x 1.75” which makes it ideal for large giclees up to 96” inches long.

We moved!
Since October first, the Giclee Factory is now located in a new, larger facility. Three times as large, this new facility will be able to accommodate our fast growing business. This will enable us to introduce several new products and services, which will be introduce throughout the year. Check out our news bulletin or register to our newsletter to stay informed about new products and rebates.

You can now offer gift cards!
As you have probably noticed, The Giclee Factory has a brand-new website. Easier to navigate and more pleasing to the eye, this site contains a lot of information on the giclee process to help you make sure your giclees look as good as can be.  Besides, as you learn a bit more about the site you can also take a closer look at what we do. Yes, those images on the first page are photographs of real giclees and not photoshop simulations! Take the time to visit our scanning section and zoom in – in real time – on a scanned image to see all the captured details. Or learn more about black and white giclee printing in our black and white section. The introduction of our new website is just the beginning in a series of improvements and innovations to be introduced this year at The Giclee Factory. The Giclee Factory: always moving forward!


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